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My husband and I have 5 kids, 8 and younger. Our oldest was diagnosed with dyslexia last April after struggling through Kindergarten and first grade. I homeschooled him through most of his second grade after the schools went to distanced learning because I knew he would not be able to learn that was (sitting in front of a computer for HOURS at a time). We have since been paying for education, and it is a financial strain.

Kate Kysar

Woodland, WA

Tess Lawson

Aberdeen, WA

 2020 forced us into homeschooling. I then discovered my kids had multiple learning gaps, & were missing essential foundational knowledge (capitalizing sentences, reading outloud, grade level spelling capacities, and other basics) . We spent a lot of money finding the best curriculum and extra curricular activities. Funding will enable us to have increased access to tools and experiences for their growth. We won't be returning to public school.

 I am a 44 yo work at home mom. I have been homeschooling my 8 yo special needs son for two years now (starting our third year). We were in CA before where homeschool charter was an option. We received annual funds to use for materials, curriculum, etc. There were a lot of restrictions and it got worse each yr. We would love the ESA and we LOVE our new home state!

Heather Hurst
Everett, WA


Please share with us what your education journey has been like so far, why you would like Education Savings Account scholarships available in WA state, and what you would do with an annual  $7500 ESA for your child. If you have benefited from K-12 scholarships or vouchers from another state, please share your story! Please share your picture as well!

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