What we stand for


Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)

Consider the range of school options available today:

  • traditional district school

  • private school

  • technical school

  • online school

  • therapies for special needs

  • homeschool

  • learning pods

  • microschools

  • public charter schools

What if a family of any income could choose the best learning environment for their child?

An Education Savings Account empowers parents to choose the best educational journey for their children.  Your state education dollars are placed in an account which you can use for any schooling option.  What you don't use by high school graduation can help pay for college!  This is empowerment.


Tax Credit Funded Scholarships

Did you know that we give Washington corporations a credit on their taxes for donating to the movie industry?  It's true.


We love movies as much as the next person, but if we give tax credits for movies, don't you think corporations should also get credits for donating to the education of our children?

Tax credit funded scholarships encourage corporations and individuals to donate money that funds scholarships for Washington kids to attend a range of school options. 


The state refunds that donation as a tax credit.  This could be a credit for corporations on the Business and Occupation Tax, the Public Utility Tax, or Real Estate Transfer Tax.  For individuals, it could be a credit on the Estate Tax.  

Just think: if we do it for movies, we should definitely do it for our kids.