Empower Washington Newsletter August 20 , 2021



The clear winner in educational options is...


In our last email we talked about how competition is good for industries, including education. Even President Biden agrees, at least when it comes to business.


But is competition good for the kids who don't take advantage of educational options and choose to stay in their public school?


A study out last month (from very reputable scholars) says that without question, school choice helps public schools.


"...public school students experience increasing benefits as the program scales up...lower rates of suspensions and absences...higher standardized test scores in reading and math."


“[T]he public school students MOST positively affected by increased

exposure to private school choice are comparatively low-[socioeconomic status] students”


You can read more on the report here. But the skinny is this: competition in education benefits kids, public schooled or otherwise.



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