We are working to ensure that every family - regardless of income - has the opportunity to choose a school that meets their child's unique needs and gifts.

How?  By advancing policy that gives 20,000 WA families education savings accounts.

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)

Education Savings Accounts empower parents to use their education tax dollars to customize their child's learning and development.  Consider the range of school options available today:

  • traditional district school

  • private school

  • technical school

  • online school

  • therapies for special needs

  • homeschool

  • learning pods

  • microschools

  • public charter schools

What if a family of any income could choose the best educational journey for their children?  That's what an ESA does.


Here's how it works - a family's state education dollars are placed into an account which can be used for any schooling option.  Families can also spend ESA money on a range of educational expenses that happen outside of school - like tutoring, music lessons, transportation, and supplies.  This is empowerment!


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Music Lessons

School Supplies

Athletic Fees

Summer Programming